This week in Local Search Tuesdays, Greg is passing the mic to some knowledgeable folks who attended inOrbit in Slovenia. Check out some of the best SEO and digital marketing tips from experts.

Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. In this week’s episode, I’m sharing some amazing tips from the speakers at InOrbit in Slovenia.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to return to Slovenia to speak at the InOrbit conference. We shared my slides in the episode two weeks ago, but this week I’m sharing more from the conference. The organizers took the speakers on a tour the day after the conference, so I took the opportunity to collect some helpful tips about digital marketing.

I’ve compiled them all into this week’s episode and there are some really awesome So So my biggest tip is talk about what you do.

Share your successes, your struggles, and everything because people will listen to it, and a few years later, along the line, you’ll get business out of that.

Think about the bottom line. It’s all about the money. Stop looking too hard at your rankings because rankings are only about customer acquisition. Customer acquisition is about money. So focus on where the highest profitable customer is coming from and optimize towards that.

So my one digital marketing tip would be that you need to focus on what the customer is trying to do and that’s what you should be measuring across the customer journey. So make sure that instead of focusing just on ROI, sometimes that can trick us. We actually need to make sure we understand what’s happening throughout the journey, what are our leading indicators that help us understand if we’ll get profit at the end of the day.

So, the number one thing that I hear when it comes to pushbacks about people starting a podcast is we don’t know where to begin. I’m willing to bet that most people watching or listening to this will have a blog post on their website or a blog page that performs really well. That is your starting point to repurpose that into audio and video content. Find the one key part of it that does really well.

For example, chuck your scroll depth in GA or GA four. Find the one bit that resonates most with your listeners. Repurpose that into audio or a video snippet. Publish it across multiple platforms, and drive people back to your own properties, and get more out of your content that you’ve probably already got by leveraging audio and video much more.

And my tip of the day is if you’re using Google Analytics, set it up with server side tracking and take care of all the privacy settings such as content mode, enhanced conversions to get the best possible data. And then as a next step, after you have set the layout and the foundation to take care of your first party data to enable and to activate the information you can get via Google Analytics. Thank you.

My tip is to consider using conversion APIs with things like paid social, and this will help you get the conversion data and make the paid social platform like Meta much more effective.

This involves using a service side tracking solution like Elavar or Stape, or you can build it yourself. But the main thing is it overcomes the privacy issues and the loss of data that we’ve been getting since iOS fourteen.

The best SEO tip is do PPC, especially for low volume keywords, not not to generate traffic, but to test out the conversions and gather more data about user behavior on the website.

Hi. If there is one tip that I could give you, that is to fill in the alt text on any images that you have on either your website or social media or wherever you post an image.

There is something that is highly underrated, and not everybody has twenty twenty vision. So you need to make sure that you’re actually accessing a wider audience.

My digital marketing tip is to surround yourself with very smart people so they can inspire you and give you some good ideas.

Attend awesome conferences like in orbit here in Slovenia to hang out with very, very smart people and learn about all the cool stuff that’s happening from people like Greg and Azeem and all of the other cool people here.

Genuinely, as a reasonably decent SEO, conferences are how I learn, how I validate that I’m doing the right kind of thing, and how I formulate new ideas by talking to awesome smart people. This is where it happens.

My number one tip is interview other people who know a lot more than you. I don’t know anything. So I interview Greg Gifford or Darren Shaw or whatnot. And then I turn that interview into a blog post using AI, and now I rank on their names. So the eight hundred plus guests that I’ve interviewed or been or I’ve been on their podcast, you type in their name, I’m usually in the top ten.

Pretty great tips. Right? Are you not entertained?

I had to figure out a way to work that in. I shot it the week before the conference when my wife and I spent some time in Rome. But that’s all the time we’ve got left for this week’s episode. So you know what that means. Put your hand on the screen right here.

We totally just high fived because you learned something awesome. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next week for another episode of Local Search Tuesdays.