Lions, tigers, and AI—oh my! AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, is the latest hot topic getting integrated into everything. In this instance, Greg talks explicitly about Google’s latest feature, AI overviews, and whether or not we should be concerned about it.


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, we’re talking about Google’s new feature that everyone is buzzing about, AI overviews in search results.

Google recently rolled out AI overviews to search results pages causing a collective freak out in the SEO community. So let’s discuss. If you’re doing local SEO, should you be worried about AI overviews?

Nope. They suck.

That’s all the time we’ve got left to talk about AI overviews so you know what that means. Put your hand on the screen right here.

We totally just high fived because you learned something awesome. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next week for another episode of Local Search Tuesdays.