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On this episode of Suds & Search, I’m joined by my good friend David JP Fisher (aka DFish), an expert sales coach, author and the founder of the podcast. We spoke at Old Irving Brewing, one of my favorite breweries in Chicago.

This video is a bit of a departure from our usual digital marketing topics. DFish’s passion is sales, a topic many of my agency-owner friends struggle with. They’ve usually got effective marketing campaigns running. They create great content. But whenever we talk in private, the topic of sales comes up and no one is particularly happy with how they’re doing.

I talk to DFish about how marketers can become better salespeople.

Some topics include:

  • Tips for marketers interested in becoming better salespeople?
  • How to avoid the slimy salesperson stigma
  • What are some common mistakes people make?
  • What is “outbound sales” and how can you drive it?
  • What is the key to being a great sales closer?
  • What qualities to look for in a great sales leader?

Thanks to our hosts from Old Irving Brewing. Be sure to listen to head brewer, Trevor, tell us about their award-winning beer, Beezer.