Forget all the BS you have heard in the past. Start writing content that customers are searching for. In the latest episode of Local Search Tuesdays, Greg breaks down how to create better content that answers the questions your customers are looking for answers to. You will help your customers and your SEO with these tips.

Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, I’m sharing a tip that will help you create better content for your site, both for your customers, and your SEO efforts.
We’re at the tail end of Google’s big March core update, and we had the helpful content update last fall and AI content is everywhere now. It seems like everyone is chasing Google again. And if you’re chasing something, You’re always behind. It’s time to change the way you think about content. Once and for all, you need to unlearn all those bad SEO habits and forget about all the Neil Patel bullshit you’ve read or heard over the years. Pretty much everyone has been taught that if you’re writing content for SEO, you have to do keyword research to see which terms, have high search volume and try to write and optimize for those terms. That really isn’t how things work anymore.
If you want to truly be successful in the future, you’ve got to change your thought process now.
The best content answers questions that potential and current customers are asking. So that’s the kind of content you need to be writing. As AI becomes more and more integrated into what we do as marketers and consumers do as searchers, this is massively important. I’m not saying to stop doing keyword research, that’s still helpful. But instead of building your content plan around individual keywords, you need to use that research to guide you toward the questions that need to be answered on your site.
I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again a million times. If you want to show as a search result, when someone types a particular phrase into Google, you need a dedicated page about that singular concept on your site. Since we’re talking about local SEO, that page doesn’t have to be the best page on the internet. It just needs to be the best answer to the question in the local area. And that probably means you need to answer a few subsequent questions as well.
Take your marketing blinders off.
Think about what your site experience is like for someone who’s never bought that product or service before.
Answer all the questions that new customers would have and make it easy for them to find those answers. Organize your site so that there’s a logical progression through the buying funnel with answers to all the questions along the way. Then once the content is written, optimize the pages for Google’s algorithm. Well, that’s how you create amazing content will give you great visibility in local search results, and it will likely be unaffected by future algorithm updates. That’s all the time we’ve got left for today’s episode. So you know what that means? Put your hand on the screen right here.
We totally just high fived because you learned something awesome. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again next week for another episode with Local Search Tuesdays.