In this week’s episode, we share the ten most popular episodes of 2021 – from Local SEO tips to updates on Google, we covered a lot of content this year. We aggregated all of the analytics data from the various platforms where we share our videos to create this list of the most watched episodes of the year. Enjoy!

10. Check your SEO with our scoring matrix
9. How to fight GMB spam
8. Optimize for how customers actually search
7. What do Google My Business impressions really mean?
6. Why rank tracking isn’t a good SEO success metric
5. Local SEO strategies: Use city pages to expand your reach
4. 10 ideas for local blog posts
3. Details about Google’s Page Experience Update
2. Local SEO strategies: Local Content Silos
1. I actually can’t tell you about this one…
Our most popular video, which had almost five times more views than the second most popular video, was only online for 4 days. Google released an update specifically for car dealers that was a total game-changer, and I put out a video to share the news with everyone… But since it was really still in a limited beta phase, Google didn’t want anyone talking about it yet, so we had to take the video down everywhere. Pretty crazy though, in less than a week, it was by far our most popular episode of the year.