Social Media Sickness Got You Down?

With the breakneck speed of changes in algorithms, social media news and how it impacts the business world how does anyone have enough energy to keep up? Because Social Media, SEO, Paid Searches and Content all rely on each other having a clear view of the ever-changing scene is critical. This will be a panel discussion with plenty of time for Q&A so that you can get what YOUR business needs!

About the event…

Thursday, May 24, 2018  8:30-10:30am

1801 W Belle Plaine Ave, Suite 107, Chicago, IL 60613

Join 4 seasoned entrepreneurs, Mark Bealin, Marie Hale, Chris Salvi and Sue Koch, experts in marketing, sales, videos and social media, as they give you the shot in the arm that your business needs to stop striving and start thriving.

Mark Bealin SEO

Mark Bealin – SearchLab Chicago With more than a decade of launching businesses into the digital world, Mark is the master of driving solid leads to businesses ready to grow! His team of digital triage experts are able to assess, prescribe and implement powerful solutions to breathe life into lagging lead funnels. With no degree in being an entrepreneur, Mark considers his growth experience to be a lesson well paid for and is passionate about helping others avoid the unseen illness that can sneak up on small businesses.

Marie Hale @Revenue

Marie Hale – @Revenue With more than 15 years a business owner Marie, CEO of @revenue and expert sales trainer & coach, has not only survived just about every business curveball that can come, but has been able to successfully bring small to medium businesses back to health (and even get a few to an outrageous state of buff and gorgeously profitable).

Chris Salvi Salvi Media

Chris Salvi – Salvi Media Chris Salvi is a Co-Founder of Salvi Media, his responsibilities are production, strategy, and video analytics. He brings together the vision, production crew, and video analysis to deliver on your video content. He focuses on providing the highest quality media production and video analytics for service professionals.

Sue Koch Social Media Training and Coaching

Sue Koch – Social Media Training and Coaching One of the most sought out leaders in her industry, Sue has traveled the country sharing her talents with companies such as Oracle, Accenture, and The American Marketing Association. Her unique ability to make social media easy to understand allows her to connect and engage at all levels of an organization and across generations.

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