In this week’s episode Greg shares tips on creating content that answers a relevant question for your industry. Providing quality answers to the questions your customers are asking is a great way to drive traffic to your website.


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week’s video is short and sweet, but it’s an incredibly helpful tip that will help your SEO strategy.

We just got back from the NADA Convention in Las Vegas, and this week’s video was supposed to be a collection of tips from all the experts I talked to at the conference. Unfortunately, we were insanely busy at the booth, so I didn’t have enough time to step away and do the interviews.

I know everyone loves that segment though, so I’m working with some people to get the tips done over Zoom, so we should have those next week.

So for this week’s episode, I’m sharing an incredibly helpful yet simple tip that will help you write better content for your site. The most important thing you can remember about SEO is that if you want to show as a search result when someone searches for a particular phrase, you need a dedicated page of content on your site about that singular concept, and that page needs to be the best answer in the local area to the question that’s being asked.

So the tip this week is simple. Stop writing content that just targets a keyword phrase, or even a few phrases. If you want to add content that will get great visibility in search results AND convert your customers, you just need to write content that answers the questions your potential customers will have.

Yes, it’s that simple – and so many business owners and marketers are still getting it wrong. When you’re planning your content, you should be adding content that will add additional visibility and provide additional value to potential customers. Don’t think keywords, think questions.

If you already have the answer on your site, or it’s a concept you already rank well for, you don’t need to add another piece of content about that concept. For example: if you’re the only Ford dealer in town, and there’s not another Ford dealer for 100 miles in any direction, you don’t need to write ANY “Ford dealership” content. You’re the only option available, so you’ll already rank number one for that search in a pretty wide area.

Instead, look at areas where you offer a product or service and don’t currently show in the search results in that area. If you want to show up for oil changes, then add a page about the fact that you offer oil changes. Instead of writing a short generic paragraph that says “oil change” and your city a bunch of times, write a page that answers the most common questions you hear about oil changes. Outline the process. Explain the timeline for service. Talk about why you’re a better place for an oil change than your competitors.

Writing content to target a particular keyword phrase oesn’t work in today’s world. If you want to win in local search results, you need to write content that answers the questions your potential customers (or current customers) are asking.

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