Welcome to the first video in our new weekly series – Local Search Tuesdays. Each week, I’ll be sharing a short 3 to 5 minute video about Local SEO – tactics, news, updates, and such.

In today’s inaugural video, we share a few tips for people who are new to SEO and a list of conferences in the spring where you can see me speak live – and you don’t want to miss next week’s video, where we’ll be sharing digital marketing tips for 2020 from some of the speakers from Pubcon Las Vegas a few months ago.


Welcome to Local Search Tuesdays, SearchLab’s new weekly video series! I’m Greg Gifford, SearchLab’s new Vice President of Search, and I’ve been doing a weekly video series for over 6 years now – mainly cause I hate writing blog posts – so now that I’m at SearchLab, I’m starting Local Search Tuesdays.

I’ll be here every week with short 3 to 5 minutes videos packed with actionable tips for gaining more visibility in local searches. These tips will help any local business – that’s any business with a physical location or any business that serves customers in a particular geographic area. Whether you’re a local business owner, a marketer working with a local business, or even a digital marketer who wants to learn more about Local SEO, you’re gonna wanna stop back in every week to catch our videos.

I also speak at digital marketing conferences all over the world, so we’ll be sharing my conference presentations and interviews with other world-famous digital marketers. These videos might be a bit longer, but they’ll definitely be worth watching…

If you’re watching this and you’re new to the SEO game, I’ve got a killer tip for you… I’ve partnered with the SEO tool company SEMrush and helped them create several training videos for their SEMrush Academy. They’re all free to take, and they’re packed with tons of helpful tips and info. The first course I shot was their inaugural course – the Fundamentals of SEO. It’s a four hour course that will cover all the basics of SEO. You can go take the course at bit.ly/giff-semrush-basics.

Fun fact, I got to go over to Saint Petersburg Russia with my wife to shoot this, and it was the coldest I’ve ever been in my life…

That course was so popular, they brought me back last summer to shoot more. These are shorter, hour-long courses that take a deeper dive into specific topics. You learn all about keyword research at bit.ly/giff-semrush-keywords and you can learn the ins and outs of link building at bit.ly/giff-semrush-links. And keep an eye out, they’ll be releasing my Local SEO and mobile SEO courses soon!

If you’d like to catch one of my conference presentations this spring, I’ll be at Pubcon Austin on February 6th, SMX West February 19th and 20th, inOrbit in Slovenia March 19 and 20th, Pubcon Florida March 25th and 26th, and at Brighton SEO in the UK, where I’ll be running an all-day Local SEO training course on April 16th and speaking at the conference on the 17th.

So we hope you’ll join us for our fun little video series. Next week’s gonna be awesome – I’ll be sharing digital marketing tips for 2020 from the speakers at Pubcon Vegas a few months ago…

So now it’s time – put your hand right here on your screen… We totally just high fived cause you learned something awesome. Thanks for watching our first episode of Local Search Tuesdays, and don’t forget to come back next week for another awesome video!