Check out another great tip from Greg on utilizing the tools Google already provides and what content you need on your site. Check out these tips on using filters to create the content your site needs. Leverage the tools that Google already provides to help figure out what content and topics you need to cover.

Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, I’m back with another quick tip to help you write better content for your site using Google’s own search filters.

Online content is shifting. Google has released multiple updates addressing content quality and AI content is pretty much everywhere now. If you want to win in today’s world, you need to add content to your site that answers the questions your potential customers will be asking.

Today, I’m going to give you some help using Google’s own features. You may not have noticed, but Google now shows search filters when displaying search results. You can see these search filters on the main search results page right under the search bar. Make sure you’re creating content around the terms displayed in the filters.Those are concepts directly related to the entity that you searched for. You should also check the image search results for the same phrases since you’ll often see different filters pop up. Obviously for something like this one, you shouldn’t be creating content around competitors names. So skip those if they show up. There’s another cool trick to use if you’re in a vertical where the review widget asks extra questions. Click the leave a review button on your Google Business Profile. Don’t leave a review, that’s against the rules. But check the additional questions that Google asks and make sure you’ve got content on your site that covers those question topics. Google offers these search filters to help users find the information they want quickly. So if you see these filters in searches related to your business, that’s a pretty good signal that you need content about those topics on your site.

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