In the most anticipated episode of Local Search Tuesdays of the year, the experts of NADA read and react to the most outlandish tweets about themselves. Watch and laugh along as your favorites from NADA read the meanest tweets Greg could find (or write) about them.

Special Thanks to…
April Simmons
Brent Wees
Eliana Raggio
Eric Miltsch
Gary May
George Nenni
Jennifer Briggs
Joe Dallas
Joe Webb
Micah Birkholtz
Sean Bradley
Steve Roessler
Tina Cuatto

Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week’s episode is a fun one, and one you’ve all been waiting for.

NADA mean tweets.

I started the NADA mean tweet bit ten years ago. But this was only the ninth year doing it since COVID made us skip a year of live events. For those of you who are watching this for the first time, it’s basically based on Jimmy Kimmell’s bit where celebrities read mean tweets from random people. And it’s always one of our most popular episodes every year.

Thanks to being super busy at our booth this year. I didn’t get to make the rounds on the expo floor to get these recorded. So I had to connect with a few people over Zoom to have enough for a full episode. I had way too many fun ones this year not to use more of them, and I think it still turned out well. So check it out. Here’s this year’s round of automotive experts at NADA reading mean tweets.

Jennifer Briggs looks like the kind of person who opens her mouth when her dog licks her face. Who said that?

I’m not sure what makes Brent Wees so dumb, but it’s totally working.

I hope everyone has a great NADA except you April Simmons. You suck. You suck.

Eliana Raggio is the kind of gal that gets to the gate at the airport thirty minutes early, so she can be the front of the group waiting to board, but she is boarding group eight. Listen pal, I get there two hours early, not thirty minutes. Yeah, that might be true.

Can someone please help get Gary May to speak at an automotive conference in Europe?

And then just leave him there.

That’s awesome.

Oh, awesome. Another GA4 presentation from George Nenni time to go poop.

Wanna know something cool about Eric Miltsch?

Me neither.

Micah Birkholtz looks like he could spend two hours telling you about a thirty minute episode of anime. I actually have watched too much anime.

Owen Moon says, Joe Dallas seems like he cries after sex. True.

From Shaun Raines, which, obviously, given the fact that he wrote about rock and roll, I guess, that’s the genre.

Joe Webb is the Nickelback of automotive.

Right. This is a few old hits, not as relevant anymore. That is sort of on par. With that said, I know Shaun personally, and I know that he’s really put in the work to know which colored crayon tastes best. So I don’t always take everything he says with a grain of salt. I mean, face value, but, but, it’s a decent one, Shaun. Good for you.

So I went to the NADA party at the sphere, and I was totally blown away. That is still wasn’t as big as Steve Roessler head.

Actually, it probably is, but, that’s all good. Yeah. You wish you had my head.

Tina Cuatto looks like she actually likes to poop in porta potties.

I tweeted something mean about Sean Bradley, but I’m worried his gangster friends would kill me.

Damn right. Yeah. Keep your mash up, boy. You know what it is? You don’t want none? It won’t be none.

Keep my name out your mouth.

Thanks for sneaking around to watch. It was hilarious. Right? That’s definitely all the time we’ve got left for this week’s episode. So you know what that means. Put your hand on the screen right here.

We totally just high five because you learned something awesome and laughed. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again next week for another episode of local search Tuesdays.