On this week’s Local Search Tuesdays, we’ve got a special episode for you, ‘cause it’s almost Halloween!

We know that most of you have been watching for a while, so you probably knew this was coming. But for those of you who are new viewers, Greg is obviously obsessed with movies, and equally obsessed with Halloween. Every year for the Halloween episode, he shares a list of the best horror movies to watch.

A few years ago, he shared a list of under-the-radar horror movies, and last year, he shared a list of awesome horror movie sequels. This year, he’s going even more down the rabbit hole and sharing a list of 5 awesome horror movies to watch on each of the major streaming platforms!

For Netflix, here’s what you should check out this weekend:
The Haunting of Hill House (ok, not a movie, but still really awesome)
The Conjuring 2
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
It Follows

For Disney Plus, check out:
Toy Story of Terror
Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus 2
The Nightmare Before Christmas

On Hulu, you should watch:
Evil Dead
The Blair Witch Project
Let the Right One In

On HBO Max, you should watch:
Halloween Kills
Halloween Ends
The Shining
A Nightmare on Elm Street

And finally, on Amazon Prime, check out:
Children of the Corn
The Descent

But most importantly, the only movie to make the list for the last two years is Terrifier – and it’s got a sequel now! We’re shooting this the week before Halloween, and it’s been in theaters for three weeks. It was only supposed to be in theaters for a week, but it’s done so well that it’s been extended – so chances are, it’ll still be in theaters on Halloween weekend. It’s been all over the internet lately because people are puking and even passing out due to the extreme level of gore.

Greg saw it last week, and he can tell you – without a doubt – it’s one of the greatest horror movies ever made. David Howard Thornton is amazing as Art the Clown, who is now his favorite slasher ever. If it’s still in theaters, do yourself a favor and go see it this weekend with a crowd! Otherwise, keep an eye out for it on streaming. If you’re a horror fan, it’s an absolute must see!