8 Movies to Watch this Christmas

This week, on a special holiday episode of Local Search Tuesdays, we’re sharing Greg’s list of movies he’s most excited about this holiday season.

If you’ve been watching this series for long, you know how obsessed he is with movies, and it’s a Halloween and Christmas tradition to share a list of awesome movies to watch. So this year, we’re sharing his list of the eight movies he’s most excited to watch in theaters over the holiday break. Check out this week’s episode to see which movies made the cut!

Greg’s SEO Slides: Modern Retailing Conference

On this week’s Local Search Tuesdays, we’ve got another awesome presentation to share. A few weeks ago, Greg was down in Fort Lauderdale at the Modern Retailing Conference, and since it was such a popular presentation, we wanted to share it with you here. It’s about half an hour long, so kick back and get comfortable!

Greg’s SEO Slides: Digital Dealer Las Vegas Part 2

Last week on Local Search Tuesdays, we shared the first half of Greg’s presentation from Digital Dealer Vegas, so we’re back to share the second half on this week’s episode. It’s about a half-hour long, so kick back, and get ready for the conclusion to The Michael Myers Guide to Killing Your Competition with Automotive SEO!

Suds & Search 137 | Greg Gifford, VP of Search at SearchLab Digital

Also available as a Podcast:

Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Greg Gifford, SearchLab’s Vice President of Search.

Greg is a man who needs no introduction. He’s an internationally recognized conference speaker and one of the most popular presenters in the industry.

It would be more concise to list the conferences he hasn’t spoken at. He’s well-known in the SEO community presenting at conferences like MozCon, SMX, Pubcon, and UnGagged.