Creating ROI in your Digital Marketing process is more than just getting the clicks.

This complicated equation needs to add the right amounts of SEO, Customer Experience, Brand Congruity and Sales Process.

Sound overwhelming? It can be, especially if you don’t have a strictly ‘click to buy’ product or service.Join 4 industry leaders as they shed light on how these critical components of your marketing/sales process impact your revenue and how you can maximize their impact for more sales!

About the event…

Thursday, August 16, 2018  8:30-10:30am

1801 W Belle Plaine Ave, Suite 107, Chicago, IL 60613

Join 4 industry leaders, Mark Bealin, Megan Robinson, Tom Bukevicius and Trisha Daho, experts in marketing/salesprocesses, as they share with you the powerful ROI techniques available using today’s modern marketing methods.

This will be a panel discussion with plenty of time for Q&A so that you can get what YOUR business needs!

Mark Bealin

Mark Bealin – SearchLab ChicagoWith more than a decade of launching businesses into the digital world, Mark is the master of driving solid leads to businesses ready to grow! His team of digital triage experts are able to assess, prescribe and implement powerful solutions to breathe life into lagging lead funnels. With no degree in being an entrepreneur, Mark considers his growth experience to be a lesson well paid for and is passionate about helping others avoid the unseen illness that can sneak up on small businesses.

Megan Robinson @Revenue

Megan Robinson – @RevenueComing from the world of large agency direct and customer direct marketing, Megan took Fortune 500 brands from pitch to implementation, creating new market segments and mastering big data with big impact. After a successful independent venture, she found her entrepreneurial home with @revenue and now holds the torch of partner and VP of Marketing. She was recently recognized by her alma mater, Boston University, as a leader in the Chicago marketing scene.

Tom Bukevicius Scube Marketing

Tom Bukevicius – SCUBE MarketingTom Bukevicius (boo-ka-vicious) is a Principal at SCUBE Marketing, paid media & analytics agency focused on customer acquisition programs. Tom is responsible for paid media strategy and sales. His work has been published on top industry websites including ConversionXL, Unbounce, BigCommerce, Shopify, KissMetrics, SEMrush. Tom co-founded a YouTube channel called Customer Science for improving customer experience and e-commerce profits. Tom’s motto is “Silver bullets are for losers. Execution is key.”

Trisha Daho - Empowered

Trisha Daho – Empowered

With her own company, Empowered, Trisha partners with C-suites and managing partners to think, plan, and execute strategically for the purpose of accelerated and sustainable growth, primarily in professional service firms. She also partners with larger firms to create success for women and diverse people who are entering leadership positions through a diversity and inclusion peer advisory experience focused on strategy, high performing teams, and advocacy in leadership.