Building trust in marketing – and business in general – takes time and a lot of hard work, but is entirely doable if you and your team work on your most important core competencies: service, consistency and transparency.

Marketing teams with great customer relationships are the most successful when they’re able to grow their businesses the right way, without freebies or special treatment.

No matter how good you are at what you do, in order for your business to be truly successful, you have to have one thing: trust.

Trust will make the difference between having customers or clients for life and keeping your business from going under.

Here are 4 ways marking teams can build trust with clients:

Provide Outstanding Service

When it comes to business, very rarely will you hear about all of the great things you did for a customer or client. But you will most certainly hear about the negative things, if you failed to deliver on a promise or missed a deadline.

That’s why trust is so important.

A trustworthy company is one who will not only be able to obtain clients for a long time, but they will recommend your business to other potential customers or clients.

In marketing, providing great service is the way to earning a customer’s trust. You have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were a customer, how would you expect to be treated?

Providing clients with great service should come naturally. If not, you’re in the wrong business.

There will be times where you’ve done the best you can, but also feel like you’re not getting anywhere. It happens. But you should always be striving to exceed a clients’ expectations.

Always Be Consistent

From a business perspective, consistency goes hand-in-hand with providing great service.

Internal expectations lead to external results, and consistency should apply to everything you do in your marketing business:

  • You should always be equipped with the tool your business needs.
  • Your employees should always provide consistent levels of service.
  • Always stay the course with your service. Constantly trying new things will put you behind and can hurt your business in the long run.
  • If something isn’t working, you should always have a plan in place to make changes.

From a business standpoint and a leadership perspective, being consistent with your customers and clients will show your employees what you expect from them.

Missing meetings or showing up late will set a bad example.

Be Honest and Upfront

Being transparent should come naturally. Yet so many businesses have trouble with being honest and upfront with their customers and clients.

Lying and trying to cover up your errors will only put you in a deeper hole.

Lead by example, address the issue immediately, explain to your customer or client what steps are being taken to correct the errors, and ensure that it won’t happen again.

Not only will your customers and clients admire you more for your honesty, but so will your employees.

Maintain Solid Business Relationships

Everyone wants to be liked, but the most important thing a marketing team can do is maintain solid business relationships with their customers and clients.

Being honest and delivering on your promises is how you create lifetime customers and clients for your business. It’s also how you obtain new ones through networking and word of mouth.

In the end, hard work always pays off and exceeding customers’ expectations is a great way to show that.

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