This week, I’m busting a Local SEO myth that for some reason, just won’t die…


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, I’ve got a quick tip to help bust a silly Local SEO myth that for some reason, just won’t go away…

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Recently, we keep getting questions about a zombie myth about Local SEO
Get it? Cause the myth just won’t die
And I’m not just getting the questions here. The same question pops up in all the Local SEO forums, in Google’s own Google Business Profile community forum, and at digital marketing conferences recently.

I’m not sure why it’s sticking around – it never worked in the first place, but for some reason, the idea keeps popping up and people want to know if it works.

People keep asking if building links to a Google Business Profile will help it rank better or get more visibility in search results. It’s a simple answer. No. It never did, and it never will.

Links matter for your website. If you’re going to put effort into linkbuilding, all of the links should be pointed to your site, not anywhere else.

So that’s a quick and easy answer to a question that has an unnaturally long life, and that’s all the time we’ve got left for this week’s episode, so you know what that means.
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Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again next week for another episode of Local Search Tuesdays.